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Gandhiji once said, “Be the change you wish to see in others”. True to every word of this sentence, no society has ever prospered without cooperation and support of its members. Kadva Patidar community is one such strongly knit community and Vishv Umiya Foundation through its noble platform wishes to join hands with each and every Kadva Patidar family across the globe to bring equitable solutions of local, state and national level problems. For this very reason, Vishv Umiya Foundation requires support from each member of this virtuous community in every possible way. For the first phase of the construction of Goddess Umiya’s temple in this social empowerment hub, Vishv umiya foundation would require the financial aid from more than 300 Patidar families of the world in order to bring about a change socially, economically and spiritually. Each Kadva Patidar family shall be a karmayashari who would either contribute in terms of money, intelligence or time which would bring about equitable solutions to profound problems of the society.

Donation Information:

To make donation of Bhumi Daan following are the categories

Type of Donation Donation Amount (in INR) Donate
Life Member Rs. 1,100,000/- Donate
Greeting Member Rs. 500,000/- Donate
City Member Rs. 100,000/- Donate
Bhumi Daan (per squre. var) Rs. 11,000/- Donate
Shila Daan (per shila) Rs. 5,000/- Donate
Hundi Daan Rs. 2,500/- Donate
Brick Daan Rs. 1,000/- Donate

How to donate?

Give the donation to VUF through Bhoomidan and or in other forms. The following are the details of the way of donations for VUF.

You may donate online by using following bank details.

Bank Name: The Mehsana Urban Co. Op. Bank ltd
Account No: 00441001001446
Type of Account: Saving Account
Branch: Science City, Ahmedabad.
IFSC: MSNU0000044

Note: If you face any issue while payment then you may contact our office or call us on the following number or drop an email
Phone: + 91-7202080 333/222

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