Joint Meeting held on 13,August,2019 at Cincinnati – USA

Home Events Joint Meeting held on 13,August,2019 at Cincinnati – USA
A joint meeting was held on August 13, 2019 at Cincinnati with three states (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana Polis) representative and  more than 100 people have attended including VUF  Trustees Sh. R.P. Patel, D.N. Gol, Deepakbhai Patel, Arvidbhai Patel, Rupeshbhai Patel, Rasikbhai Patel, Ajitbhai Patel, Manekbhai Patel, and Ramanbhai Patel and Harshadbhai Patel. After the meeting  Lisa Patel was nomited as Chairperson of the Women Wing Committee of the Cincinnati City Chapter and Mr. Chetanbhai B. Patel as Chairman of the Kentucky State Chapter of the Vishv Umiya Foundation Further, Mr. Ashokbhai Prahladbhai Patel and Narendra Bhai Mangalabhai Patel, both joined the Vishv Umiya Foundation team as Silver donor Trustee. And also 15 members of the Kentucky State Chapter and 05 members of the Cincinnati Chapter have joined as City Members in Vishv Umiya Foundation. In addiiton, Shri Rajeshbhai Patel(Vadu) from Delware State also joined as a Silver Donor Trustee of Vishv Umiya Foundation. We welcome their induction and pray to Maa Umiya to  bless them