On 03/12/2019 Meeting was held with NRI Trustees

Home Events On 03/12/2019 Meeting was held with NRI Trustees
  • On 03/12/2019, a meeting with NRI Trustees of the Vishv Umiya Foundation was held at the residence of Shri Deepakbhai M. Patel, Vice President of VUF. In which a large number of NRI Trustees from ten different states of the United States and Canada were welcomed.
  • NRI Trustees provided information on the activities of the organization under the Foundation in the United States and Canada.
  • Shri Deepakbhai Patel informed about the Vishv Umiya Suraksha Kavach (VUSK) scheme implemented by the Vishv Umiya Foundation and the formation of City Member. Shri Arvindbhai Patel briefed the government about the difficulties faced by our Patidar Community living abroad.
  • In addition, the NRI Snehmilan greetings to be held on January 7th, 2020 were discussed in detail.