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28th and 29th of February 2020, witnessed the very auspicious Shilanyaas pooja or foundation stone laying ceremony of the epically alluring, grandiose and divine temple dedicated to our Jagat Janani Maa Umiya at the Vishv UmiyaDham Complex in Jaspur Ahmedabad. As a part of the Shilanyas ceremony - Shri Yantrapujan, Kalashpujan and Shilapujan were performed – A complete scriptural ritual invoking blessings was performed with recitation by 101 Brahmandevs and 200 Rushikumars. In the course of the Shilanyaas ceremony, the world observed some logistics that we are all proud of, such as: 1. Along with Maa Umiya’s chal mandir, Batuk Bhairav and our God of auspiciousness Ganpatidada’s chal pranprathista was also performed at the Vishv UmiyaDham complex. 2. On the first day of Shilanyaas ceremony – 11,111 sisters of Vishv UmiyaDham led a Jawara Yatra. A procession with where the ladies put the jawara or barley grass pots on their heads. Jawar signifies good luck and prosperity. Award received (Record) Global Book. 3. It was announced on stage to generate the target of Rs 500 crore at Shilanyaas ceremony for Vishv UmiyaDham’s endeavors. And target was completed on the same platform same day. This is the first event of its kind in the world! 4. It was for the first event in the world when we saw the convergence saints - mahantas, shankaracharias, mahamandaleshvaras, narrators, Chief Minister & Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, royal guests, government officials, social leaders, socialists, economists, samaydata present on the stage for social organization and in presence of more than one million people.