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Dear Friends,

Many congratulations to our VUF-108 team for preparing and distributing food and essential grocery kits to help the needy families with the sole intention of social harmony and service in these grave times created by the Coronavirus.

However we all also have to remember that it is our priority to adhere to and explicitly implement the instructions issued by the government of India for stopping the further spread of Coronavirus whilst we help the our fellow citizens.

For this

1) It is mandatory to wear a mask while making the kit and also at the time of its distribution.

2) Always maintain a distance of at least one meter.

3) Kindly don't photograph the delivery time of the kit by mistake and refrain from posting it on social media.

4) Special care should be taken taken to maintain the pride and dignity of the family taking the kit at the time of distribution.

5) Always gather as small number of workers and friends rather than a large crowd by mistake.

Let us always follow the above stated instructions ourselves and let others do the same. Please remember that this is our primary understanding and duty.

The entire team of Vishwa Umiya Foundation greets you all and is proud of your service work.

Leading the VUF-108 team
Chairman Shri Himanshubhai Patel
Co-Chairman Shri Ketanbhai Patel
As well as members
Anand Patel, Mitesh Patel
Ashwin Patel, Hitesh Patel,
Congratulations to Chirag Patel as well as the convener of various areas Mr. O and all the workers Mr. O.

Congratulations also to our Bhamasha donor trustee Shri Trikambhai J Patel for encouraging the team and playing a key role in organizing the financial matters required for the kit ...


RP Patel
World Umiya Foundation
As well as the entire team.