Who is the founder of this organisation?
Well-wishers of the community who are concerned about the economic, social, physical, education and employment oriented well-being of the Kadva Patidar community are the founders of this organisation.
Who will manage the organisation?
The leaders of Kadva Patidar community; youth and women this organization who wish to take forward their ideas and achievements, receive donations, intelligence and financial donations and wish to be attached to the organization and serve in any field of social development can manage this organization.
Who can become a trustee of this organisation?
A person who donates at least Rs. 25 lakhs as a provision for the constitution of this organization can join as a trustee of the organization.
Who can join this organisation as a donor?
Any citizen or organization can join as a donor with a minimum of one thousand rupees and maximum as per god’s will.
Is donation given in this organisation suitable for relief in the income tax?
Yes, this organization is registered and the organization has issued 80-G from the Income Tax Department of the Government of India
Who can join in as a member of this organisation?
As a provision for the constitution of this organization, by giving a minimum donation of Rs 5 lakh, an individual can become a member of this organization.
Who and how can one benefit from the activities of this organisation?
Kadva Patidars living in any corner of the world can avail the benefit of any service offered by this organization, subject to rules and regulations, online through the organization’s website or mobile application.
Who all can join this organisation?
Every Kadva Patidar living in this world can join this organisation.
Can any other organisation be associated with VUF?
Yes, any Kadva Patidar organisation become a part of VUF as a trustee and avail the advantages of the same.
Are there any CSR activities done by this organisation?
Yes, many CSR activities are done by this organisation. There is also CSR fund in this organisation for all the corporates who wish to join hands with VUF.