Priya Patel

Young Scientist at NASA

Pride of Patidar Samaj

Ms. Priya Patel is researching on Mars and moving towards becoming an astronaut as well.

Patidar daughter Ms. Priya Kaushikbhai Patel, who was born in the Kadi town and went on to study in the Sarv Vidhyalay school, is currently playing an important role in NASA (American Space Research Agency) across the Mars project. Ms. Priya is a space engineer by profession and is going to become an astronaut after training as an aerobatic pilot. Prior to joining NASA, she served as a system engineer at ESA (European Space Agency) at Netherlands from 2019 to 2021.

She is currently pursuing her PhD. She is currently a key member in the team of NASA’s Perseverance Rover and the ExoMars a future project of the European Space Agency.

In addition, at such a young age, she is running an NGO (Sharda Foundation) in the name of her grandmother. Which helps talented and economically poor students from India and encourages them to pursue further studies. She is providing online guidance to students who are interested in space science.

She has also received the Young Scientist Award in London.

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Vishv Umiyadham Sanstha – Ahmedabad wishes Ms Priya Patel all the best and blesses her to reach the pinnacle of success in the future and increase the prestige of her family and Patidar samaj.