Agriculture and Research Centre

Vishv Umiya Foundation is going back to the roots – literally!

Ownership of land and agrarian activities are genealogical occupations of Patidars, thereby we already have a reservoir of expertise knowledge amongst us. All we need to do is to create an environment where cross culture information can be easily exchanged. For this, we plan to invest in a advanced – Agriculture and Research center.

This center will  provide:

  • Encouragement of organic farming among farmers.
  • Guidance with – From farm to kitchen concept, ensuring maximum yield for farmers.
  • Guidance and training to farmers for research and experimentation for modern farming and special agricultural production.
  • Guidance with what type of crops should be cultivated for optimum output every year.
  • Guidance and training for directing the supply chain from farmers straight to a consumer or factory.
  • Training to create various employment opportunities in villages by creating essential marketable products from farm production.
  • Information and guidance of agricultural schemes.
  • Information and guidance of governmental schemes
  • Guidance for modernizing pastoral and dairy industry.
  • Colloquia on agricultural sector.
  • Guidance on efficient marketing for farmers.
  • Guidance on price trends for farmers.