About us

WelcomeVishv Umiya Foundation

Vishv Umiya Foundation – an initiative by the Patidar community, came to force with the blessings of Goddess Umiya, the deity of Patidar community. It is a consortium which is social, charitable and humanitarian and aspires to bring together the entire Patidar community across the globe under one roof. The foundation was established on the doctrine of faith and admiration for Goddess Umiya, proposes to create a social empowerment hub in the city of Ahmedabad wherein a glorious temple of Goddess Umiya along with world class amenities and social and economic elevation schemes shall be put to task. The hub will be spread across a capacious land of 3 lakh sq. mt near Vaishno Devi temple, close to Jaspur village, Ahmedabad.


Vishv Umiya Foundation envisages to stand as a pillar of strength for the Patidar community and its members in various parts of the world and various division of the society. It shall support it’s devotees in facing challenges of life; economically and socially.


The mission of this empowerment hub is to ignite the spirit of dedication in all individuals of our community. With the blessings of Goddess Umiya, the foundation strives to maintain dignity and integrity on a national front and yearns to be capable enough to carry out charitable operations throughout.


  • To integrate, configure and empower Kadva Patidar community.
  • To operate ethically and transparently.
  • To be persistent, consistent and committed.
  • Welfare of a society leads to welfare of a nation.


Dearest members of Kadva Patidar community,

With the objective of uniting Kadva Patidars based across the globe and bringing them under one disciplined domain to enrich each and every section of the society; economically, socially, and religiously we bring to you “Vishv Umiya Foundation”.

It is a foundation that works systematically towards problems of education and employment and wishes to bring equitable solutions for generations to come.

It is a torch-bearer of dignity, honour and unity of each family of Kadva Patidar community and wishes to glorify Goddess Umiya on an international front.