Vision, Mission and Values


Vishv Umiya Foundation, a visionary global organisation working to enhance national consciousness through spiritual consciousness by yoga and religious practices. It prioritizes global co-operation and sustainable development to address pressing challenges like employment, environmental degradation, health, sports education, business, Hindu cultureand ethos universal fraternity for inclusive progress to have the opportunities for all to lead fulfilling life. It would facilitate cross- cultural dialogue, encourage innovation & establish a framework for ethical governance.



The Mission of Vishv Umiya Foundation is

  • To establish empowerment hub for all communities guided by Hindu ethos.
  • To ignite the spirit of dedication and devotion in all individuals.
  • To maintain dignity & integrity on a national front to be capable enough to carry out charitable operations globally.
  • To promote social justice, equality andcooperation in order to improve the well-being of community worldwide.
  • To tackle multifaceted challenges on a global scale.
  • To enhance educational opportunities, employment, ecofriendly systems health and business opportunities.
  • To establish the spirit of VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM - whole world is a family.


Human Rights

Human Rights

Promoting & protecting the dignity and rights of all individuals.


Cultural Diversity

Enhancing respect and love for diverse cultures, traditions and languages to foster global harmony.


Social Justice

Striving for equality, humanity, justice and elimination of discrimination at the global scale, addressing issues like poverty and healthcare.


Education for All

Supporting education for all as a fundamental right to empower global citizens.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Promoting equal rights and opportunities for people of all genders and providing dignity and equality to women.


International Brotherhood

Emphasizing the concept of "VASUDHAIV KAUTUMBAKAM" & to make collaboration at international level in order to cope up with global challenges.


Environmental Sustainability

Create awareness leading to increased green cover, reduction in carbon footprint and nature inspired living.



Establishing the feelings of brotherhood, strengthening of physical, mental health and natural respect.

Goals of the Vishv Umiya Foundation

Vishv Umiya Dham is a symbol of cultural significance, spiritual growth, and harmony among people. It merges tradition with a progressive future, embracing the ethos of heritage preservation. The Vishv Umiya Foundation has carefully incorporated elements that connect us all in the design of the complex. It aims to foster a sense of belonging, patriotism, and responsibility towards the country. The Dham serves as a reminder of our national values and facilitates both spiritual and personal development.


Vishv Umiya Dham is a temple and hub for spiritual and socio-economic empowerment, aiming to benefit not just the Patidar community but Hindus in general. It includes a spiritual museum dedicated to the four Vedas, an exhibit showcasing the history and contributions of the Patidar community, auditoriums for cultural events, spaces for yoga and meditation, a permanent YagnaShala, a theater for films and spiritual enlightenment, and a Prasad hall. The foundation aims to preserve culture, promote inclusivity, and contribute to the growth of the nation. It connects diverse elements worldwide and embodies the principles of strength, resolve, and inclusive progress.

The Vishv Umiya Foundation believes in the importance of fostering a sense of ownership and community participation. By encouraging individuals to take an active role in their development and the betterment of society, the foundation aims to create a lasting impact. Through its various programs and initiatives, it provides opportunities for individuals to contribute their time, skills, and resources toward building a more inclusive and empowered community. Together, we can work towards a future where everyone has the chance to thrive and fulfill their potential.



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