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International American artist Sparsh Shah’s grand event at Vishwaumiadham 27-8-2022
* Learn to live life to the best of any difficult situation: Sparsh Shah With the aim of projecting youth power on the global stage through the world's tallest (504 feet) Jagat Janani Ma Umiya Mandir Vishwamidham under construction at Jaspur, Ahmedabad, International Artist Sparsh Shah's grand event was organized by the President of the organization Mr. R.P. Patel's guidance and Dr. It was done with the support of Jitendra Athiya, Mind Trainer and Life Coach, Dr. Bhagirathbhai Patel, Dr. Brijeshbhai Patel. The 19-year-old native of Surat, who became famous by giving the first performance of Vande Mataram at the HOWDY MODI program held in Madison Square Garden, America, and Sparsh Shah, a young man living in America, talked about how life can be refined even amid many obstacles in life. More than 500 youths of Ahmedabad city participated in the program of "Internet sensation" Sparsh Shah, who had 35 'fractures' at birth and 140 'fractures' in his body in 18 years. It is worth mentioning that this grand event was organized as a joint initiative of Vishwaumiadham and the Smart Village Movement. * Vishwaumiadham the abode of faith and unity of the entire society Shri R.P.Patel On the occasion of the inauguration of the program, the founder and president of Vishwaumiadham Shri R.P. Patel said that Vishwa Umiyadham is the abode of faith and unity of the entire society, where any individual can become an inspiration to the society by revealing the strengths within him. The organization is working with the approach of encouraging the youth by providing a platform for such unique strengths. Through Vishwaumiadham, the positive energies of society are to be exposed at the global level. This overall social power will also give India a distinct place on the world map. Learn to live life to the best of any difficult situation: Sparsh Shah Sparsh Shah while addressing the youth in the Motiveshan program said that the youth should imbibe three sutras in their lives. First of all PAY TO FORWARDING i.e. give whatever service you have to others. Help others. Another LOOSE YOURSELF Lose yourself in social life. Work for others forgetting that you are something. And thirdly, LOVE others very much. They think we are only for them. He further said that "Even if my bones are weak, no one can break my voice and my courage."
Grand celebration of 76th Independence Day at Vishwaumiadham Jaspur 15-8-2022
Grand celebration of 76th Independence Day at Vishwaumiadham Jaspur As the entire country is celebrating 75 years of independence - Amrit Mohotsav, the Vishwa Umiya Foundation organized a grand flag hoisting program to mark the 76th Independence Day. On this occasion, Mr. Amambhai Shah, Director, Gujarat Samachar, Mr. Rameshbhai Merja, Deputy Commissioner, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, and Dr. Jitendra Adhia, Mind Trainer and Life Coach and the President of the organization Mr. R.P. Patel, officials, donor trustees, and other activist friends saluted the national flag. On this occasion, the founder and president of the organization Shri R. P. Patel said that it is the duty of every society, organization, and citizen of the country to reveal the national spirit. In addition, the organization distributed 75 thousand tricolors to celebrate the Amrit Mohotsav of Azadi and the organization has started a pioneering initiative to make Garvi Gujarat green by saving 75 thousand trees. Shri Ammabhai Shah in his speech gave detailed information about how the country got independence and what is the significance of the tricolor and appealed to the audience to never insult the tricolor as the tricolor of the country is the honor and glory of India and the pride of the country. Vishwa Umiyadham expressed gratitude to the institution by hoisting the flag with the feeling that it would be the center of faith of Jagatjani Ma Umiya.
VUF – 108
Dear Friends, Many congratulations to our VUF-108 team for preparing and distributing food and essential grocery kits to help the needy families with the sole intention of social harmony and service in these grave times created by the Coronavirus. However we all also have to remember that it is our priority to adhere to and explicitly implement the instructions issued by the government of India for stopping the further spread of Coronavirus whilst we help the our fellow citizens. For this 1) It is mandatory to wear a mask while making the kit and also at the time of its distribution. 2) Always maintain a distance of at least one meter. 3) Kindly don't photograph the delivery time of the kit by mistake and refrain from posting it on social media. 4) Special care should be taken taken to maintain the pride and dignity of the family taking the kit at the time of distribution. 5) Always gather as small number of workers and friends rather than a large crowd by mistake. Let us always follow the above stated instructions ourselves and let others do the same. Please remember that this is our primary understanding and duty. The entire team of Vishwa Umiya Foundation greets you all and is proud of your service work. Leading the VUF-108 team Chairman Shri Himanshubhai Patel Co-Chairman Shri Ketanbhai Patel As well as members Anand Patel, Mitesh Patel Ashwin Patel, Hitesh Patel, Congratulations to Chirag Patel as well as the convener of various areas Mr. O and all the workers Mr. O. Congratulations also to our Bhamasha donor trustee Shri Trikambhai J Patel for encouraging the team and playing a key role in organizing the financial matters required for the kit ... Regards RP Patel President World Umiya Foundation As well as the entire team.
28th and 29th of February 2020, witnessed the very auspicious Shilanyaas pooja or foundation stone laying ceremony of the epically alluring, grandiose and divine temple dedicated to our Jagat Janani Maa Umiya at the Vishv UmiyaDham Complex in Jaspur Ahmedabad. As a part of the Shilanyas ceremony - Shri Yantrapujan, Kalashpujan and Shilapujan were performed – A complete scriptural ritual invoking blessings was performed with recitation by 101 Brahmandevs and 200 Rushikumars. In the course of the Shilanyaas ceremony, the world observed some logistics that we are all proud of, such as: 1. Along with Maa Umiya’s chal mandir, Batuk Bhairav and our God of auspiciousness Ganpatidada’s chal pranprathista was also performed at the Vishv UmiyaDham complex. 2. On the first day of Shilanyaas ceremony – 11,111 sisters of Vishv UmiyaDham led a Jawara Yatra. A procession with where the ladies put the jawara or barley grass pots on their heads. Jawar signifies good luck and prosperity. Award received (Record) Global Book. 3. It was announced on stage to generate the target of Rs 500 crore at Shilanyaas ceremony for Vishv UmiyaDham’s endeavors. And target was completed on the same platform same day. This is the first event of its kind in the world! 4. It was for the first event in the world when we saw the convergence saints - mahantas, shankaracharias, mahamandaleshvaras, narrators, Chief Minister & Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat, royal guests, government officials, social leaders, socialists, economists, samaydata present on the stage for social organization and in presence of more than one million people.
Maha Bhoomi Poojan
Venue : "Vishv Umiya Dham", opp. vaishno devi temple, S. G. highway, Ahmedabad Date : 4 th March 2019 ભૂમિપૂજન કાર્યક્રમ માં પહોંચવા નક્કી કરેલા રૂટ અમદાવાદ પશ્ચિમ તરફથી આવતા વાહનો ઍસપી રીંગ ઉપર બોપલ, શીલજ સર્કલ, ઑગણજ સર્કલ થઈ ટૉલટેક્ષથી આગળ આવી ડાબી બાજુ વળી પ્રવેશ લેવો અથવા અમદાવાદ શહેરથી ઍસ.જી. રોડ ઉપર થઈ વૈષ્ણોદેવી સર્કલ થઈ ડાબી બાજુ વાળી ૨૦૦ મીટર આગળ જઈ જમણી તરફ વળી પ્રવેશ લેવો. અમદાવાદ પૂર્વ તરફથી આવતા વાહનો ઍસપી રીંગ રોડ-ઓઢવ-નિકોલ નરોડા રીંગ રોડ ઉપરથી આવી વૈષ્ણોદેવી સર્કલથી ૨૦૦ મીટર આગળ રીંગ રોડ ઉપર જઈ જમણી તરફ વળી પ્રવેશ લેવો. મહેસાણા, બનાસકાંઠા તથા કડી-કલોલ તરફથી આવતા વાહનો ઍ કલોલ સીંદબાદ હોટેલથી જમણી બાજુ વળી પિયાજ રોડ થઈ કેનાલ ઉપર થઈ જાસપુર તરફ આવી પ્રવેશ લેવો અથવા કલોલ ગુરુકુલથી જમણી બાજુ વળી પલસાણા-જાસપુર અથવા ધાનજ થઈ પ્રવેશ લેવો. સાબરકાંઠા, અરવલ્લી, વિજાપુર તથા માણસા તરફથી આવતા વાહનો ગાંધીનગર થઇ ઉવારસાદ ચાર રસ્તા, અડાલજ ઓવરબ્રિજ થઇ ખોરજ રેલ્વે બ્રિજ ઉતરીને જમણી બાજુ અદાણી શાંતિગ્રામમાં થઇ પ્રવેશ લેવો. દક્ષિણ ગુજરાત આનંદ ખેડા, વડોદરા તરફથી નેશનલ હાઈવે પરથી આવતા વાહનો અસલાલી સર્કલ થઇ સનાથાલ સર્કલ, બોપલ સર્કલ, ઓગણજ સર્કલ, ટોલટૅક્ષ પાર કરી આગળ ડાબી બાજુ વળી પ્રવેશ લેવો. દક્ષિણ ગુજરાત આનંદ ખેડા, વડોદરા તરફથી એક્સપ્રેસ હાઈવે પરથી આવતા વાહનો એસપી રીંગરોડ ઉપર ઓઢવ સર્કલ, દાસ્તાન સર્કલ, એપોલો સર્કલ, ડીવાઈન સર્કલ, વૈષ્ણોદેવી સર્કલથી, ૨૦૦ મીટર આગળ રીંગરોડ ઉપર જમણી બાજુ વળી પ્રવેશ લેવો. સૌરાષ્ટ્ર-કચ્છ તરફથી આવતા વાહનો એસપી રીંગરોડ ઉપર સનાથાલ સર્કલ, બોપલ સર્કલ, ભાડજ સર્કલ, ઓગણજ સર્કલ, ટોલટૅક્ષથી આગળ આવી ડાબી બાજુ વળી પ્રવેશ લેવો.
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